What are the WPF Content Controls?

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What are the WPF Content Controls?

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Content Controls are mainly parent containers to hold the content. It displays information to the user to be viewed but that generally won't be modified.
With content controls, the following aspects:
  1. Property: A Property specifies the object's appearance or behavior. For example, the IsEnabled property specifies whether the user can interact with a control or not.
  2. Method: A Method is a routine that a control executes to perform something. For example Coa unt Method counts the number of items available for the object or control.
  3. Event: An event is related when a control raises one to let your application know that something has happened. For example TextBox raises a TextChanged event whenever its text changes.
Code Snippet
  1. <Button Name="btnAdd" Content="Add" Click="btnAdd_Click" />  
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