What is a Routed event?

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Routed Events is about the Hierarchy of the controls you are using in the Events. Routed Events are a new Infrastructure given by WPF that permit events to tunnel down the tree to the target elements or Bubble up to the Root element. Routed Events are just like normal events.
Types of Routed Events
Routed Events are of three types, which are as follows:
  • Bubbling Events
  • Tunneling Events
  • Direct Events
Tunneling Events: Tunneling events are the reverse of the Bubbling events. Tunneling Events raised first in the controls hierarchy. These events are raised by the Root elements. This allows events to tunnel down the tree.
Tunneling Events 
Bubbling Events: Bubbling Events are those Events which are first raised by the control than raised by the other controls in the control hierarchy. It allows Bubble up to the tree till the Root Element. First Tunneling events are raised then bubbling events raised.
Bubbling Events 
Direct Event: Direct Event is generally raised by the control itself. The behavior of this event is same as the .NET general event.
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