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What is site speed and how to check in Google Analytics?

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This is where you measure the speed of your site or app.
A slow loading website can be frustrating for users and can hurt your advertising and search rankings.
Find and fix slow pages to improve your conversion rates and make your users happier.
The Site Speed reports measure two aspects of latency:

Page load time (latency) for a sample of page views on your website pages.

This will helps you to see the different loading times in different pages and areas etc.
No setup is required.
Go to Site Speed > Page Timings to see your data.

If you want to track the loading time or speed of any visit or an event that you want to track.
This can include measuring how quickly specific images load, how long it takes for your site to respond to specific button clicks, etc.
To collect this data, you’ll need to add _track Timing method calls to the source code of the interactions you want to track.
Go to Site Speed > User Timings to see your data. Set up User Timings.

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