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Deep Learning Questions and Answers

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Deep Learning Questions and Answers

(1)The transactions that span across multiple services are handled by
(3)Amazon EC2 Container Service is an example of ________________
(4)Microservices based architecture prefers _______
(2)Microservices-based architecture enforces a Modular structure ?
(6)The 2 components of CQRS include_______________
(5)Microservices supports different kinds of databases and this is called ____________.
(7)IDL stands for ______________________
(10)Service Instance per Host pattern provides ________________
(9)Which of these represent the drawback of Multiple Services per Host pattern
(12)In Microservices, the API Gateway takes care of the security aspect by rendering ________________
(11)Efficient Utilization & Fast Deployment represent which pattern __________________________________
(13)__________ is ability to store something temporarily in order to reduce the loading times and I/O of a system.
(14)Caching helps in improving the performance of the system ?
(16)Which pattern collects & reports all exceptions to a centralized exception tracking service
(15)Which of this does not represent caching types_______________

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