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Difference Between Functional and Non-Functional Testing

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Difference Between Functional and Non-Functional Testing

Functional TestingNon Functional Testing
It tests ‘What’ the product does. It checks the operations and actions of an Application.It checks the behaviour of an Application.
Functional testing is done based on the business requirement.Non- functional testing is done based on the customer expectation and Performance requirement.
It tests whether the actual result is working according to the expected result.It checks the response time, and speed of the software under specific conditions.
It is carried out manually.
Example: Black box testing method.
It is more feasible to test using automated tools.
Example: Loadrunner.
It tests as per the customer requirements.It tests as per customer expectations.
Customer feedback helps in reducing the risk factors of the product.Customer feedback is more valuable for non- functional testing as it helps to improve and lets the tester to know the expectation of the customer.
It is testing the functionality of the software.It is testing the performance of the functionality of the software.
Functional testing has the following types:
•Unit testing
•Integration testing
•System Testing
•Acceptance Testing
Non functional testing includes:
•Performance testing
•Load Testing
•Stress testing
•Volume testing
•Security testing
•Installation testing
•Recovery testing

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