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What are the tools used for API test automation?

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Automation testing is a must when we talk about agile development in API testing. However, the language in which the code is written is also an important factor as it decides the tool language.

Some important API test automation tools are:

  • SOAPUI: It is an open-source API testing tool which is considered as the best testing tool because of its feature like creating complex validation scripts and test cases, efficient test coverage, etc.
  • HP QTP/UFT: This is now known as HP UFT i.e. Unified Functional Testing. This tool is basically used for systems without user interface like web services, etc.
  • PARASOFT: This testing tool runs on various platforms and is used to test API which does not have a Graphical User interface (GUI).
  • HTTP master
  • NUnit and JUnit testing tools are used where the code is written in .Net and Java respectively.