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I am trying to use syncfusion data grid in xamarin forms now.I have installed trial version as of now. I have created demo from this link

All is fine.I have added all references,no errors at all. but it doesn't shows the datagrid in output( i am using vs inbuilt emulator).it just shows the blank screen like

I couldn't find anything wrong what I have done in my code from above link.its really simple but still why I am not getting output.please help.

Thanks in advance

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If you load SfDataGrid directly as a child, the grid will be loaded. If you want to load SfDataGrid inside a ScrollView or a StackLayout, refer the below UG link to achieve it,


Also, you can refer our KB link below to achieve your requirement.


If you need further assistance, please create a new support incident, using our direct trac system.