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I want to log the user session. Currently the code is as follows (setting formatter and handlers is omitted):

logger = logging.getLogger("component")

logger.info("message", extra={"session": 123})

logger.debug("debug", extra={"session": 123})

If there are several messages to be logged, it's annoying to send this extra information each time. What would be the best/cleanest/most pythonic way to achieve something like that:

logger = logging.getLogger("component")

# for example:

logger.addExtra({"session": 123})

logger.info("message") # extra would be added automatically

logger.debug("debug") # extra would be added automatically

I could think of extending the logger and overriding logging methods.

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Create a LoggerAdapter as @DhruvPathak specified. According to LoggerAdapters signature:

class logging.LoggerAdapter(logger, extra)

you do that by providing your logger instance and the extra args during initialization:

logger = logging.LoggerAdapter(logger, extra)