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In Twilio Rest API for each call there is a response which uniquely identify calls

Twilio-Request-Id: RQ5cedae4e7e7e4e70937a8198f5d2d1c0

Twilio-Request-Duration: 0.103

I want use Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking Call. So messages will be in raw SIP formats.

I wonder if Twilio provides this unique response Id-s(which you can use to identify your call details uniquely by) as custom SIP Headers extensions such as

X-Twilio-Request-Id = ...

X-Twilio-Request-Duration = ...

And what other custom SIP extension headers provided by Twilio about calls which are done via Elastic SIP Trunking?

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It seems that Twilio send a unique Id in SIP OK Response

X-Twilio-CallSid: CA70554....