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I'm currently trying to use lightbox in my project! And as you notice I using a (v-for) for the items array.

How to integrated lightbox with v-for items?

vue-image-lightbox A simple image lightbox component for Vuejs https://www.npmjs.com/package/vue-image-lightbox

<div class="items" v-scroll-reveal.reset>


      v-for="(product,index) in products"


      v-show="product.type === activeProduct">

      <md-card-media md-ratio="16:9">

        <img :src="require(`../assets/img/products/${product.img}`)"/>




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Replace the img with <LightBox :images="images"></LightBox>. As per the examples in the npm page, the images variable is an object that holds multiple resolutions of the picture.

The elements should be rendered automatically afterwards.