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I am looking for a solution that capitalizes each word of the input string to cell seperated by blank space or dot (similar to proper function). I know it is broken but what I tried so far:

    /*Capitalize Firt Letter of Each Word of input String in Cell*/

  if(activeRow > 1 && activeCol == 3 && ss.getSheetName() == validSheet && activeCell.isBlank() == false)


    var inputVal = activeCell.getValue().toString();





Input for cell A2:

this tExt neEds to be fixed

Output (Desired Result) for cell A2:

This Text Needs To Be Fixed

Thanks in advance

Edit 1: I noticed that proper function won't work because it requires cell value in it.

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Here's a function that takes a string and capitalizes the first letter of each word:

function capitalizePhrase(phrase) {

  var reg = /\b(\w)/g;

  function replace(firstLetters) {

    return firstLetters.toUpperCase();


  capitalized = phrase.replace(reg, replace);

  return capitalized;


which you could then use like this:

var inputVal = activeCell.getValue().toString();

var outputVal = capitalizePhrase(inputVal);


Edit - if you also want to set other letters in the word to lower case, you can use this function instead:

function properCase(phrase) {

  var regFirstLetter = /\b(\w)/g;

  var regOtherLetters = /\B(\w)/g;

  function capitalize(firstLetters) {

    return firstLetters.toUpperCase();


  function lowercase(otherLetters) {

    return otherLetters.toLowerCase();


  var capitalized = phrase.replace(regFirstLetter, capitalize);

  var proper = capitalized.replace(regOtherLetters, lowercase);

  return proper;