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What is Cursor? How to use a Cursor?

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A database cursor is a control structure that allows for traversal of records in a database. Cursors, in addition, facilitates processing after traversal, such as retrieval, addition and deletion of database records. They can be viewed as a pointer to one row in a set of rows.

Working with SQL Cursor

DECLARE @name VARCHAR(50) 	 /* Declare All Required Variables */

DECLARE db_cursor CURSOR FOR 	 /* Declare Cursor Name*/
FROM myDB.students
WHERE parent_name IN ('Sara', 'Ansh')

OPEN db_cursor 	 /* Open cursor and Fetch data into @name */ 
FETCH next
FROM db_cursor
INTO @name

CLOSE db_cursor 	 /* Close the cursor and deallocate the resources */
DEALLOCATE db_cursor
    • DECLARE a cursor after any variable declaration. The cursor declaration must always be associated with a SELECT Statement.
    • Open cursor to initialize the result set. The OPEN statement must be called before fetching rows from the result set.
    • FETCH statement to retrieve and move to the next row in the result set.
    • Call the CLOSE statement to deactivate the cursor.
    • Finally use the DEALLOCATE statement to delete the cursor definition and release the associated resources.