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I am using a macro to write a formula into a cell on my Excel worksheet. The formula is written into the cell using the following code, where xWF1 through wWF5 are all single-cell ranges.

xWF1.Formula = "=" & xWF2.Address(True,True) & "-" & xWF3.Address(True,True) & "-" & xWF4.Address(True,True) & "-" & xWF5.Address(True,True)

xWF2 through xWF5 are set earlier in the code, if they exist. When one of them doesn't exist, the line of code above errors.

What I would like, is for the code to write the formula to include only those ranges that exist. For example, if xWF4 doesn't exist, the formula would be xWF2-xWF3-xWF5

What would be a better way to write this code?

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Test Ranges For Nothing

Option Explicit

Sub Test()


    Dim xWF1 As Range, xWf2 As Range, xWf3 As Range, xWf4 As Range, xWf5 As Range


    Set xWF1 = Range("A1")

    'Set xWf2 = Range("A2")

    'Set xWf3 = Range("A3")

    'Set xWf4 = Range("A4")

    'Set xWf5 = Range("A5")


    ' The above is irrelevant for your code.


    Dim rArr As Variant: rArr = Array(xWf2, xWf3, xWf4, xWf5)

    Dim dFormula As String: dFormula = "="


    Dim rg As Variant


    For Each rg In rArr

        If Not rg Is Nothing Then dFormula = dFormula & rg.Address & "-"

    Next rg

    ' Remove the trailing '-', or the '=' if all four ranges are 'Nothing'.

    dFormula = Left(dFormula, Len(dFormula) - 1)


    xWF1.Formula = dFormula

End Sub

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