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I'm trying to incorporate Google Maps into my Access form so that for every record a map of its address can be shown. Using this video:

for guidance I attempted this except I used Bing Maps. I did exactly as the video did but where the video shows the map, my window is essentially the Bing Search menu with the address typed in but there is only a white screen where the map is.

When trying to add Google Maps to my form I had similar results. Yesterday when I tried it, the usual google maps window came up, but the map box was instead a grey-filled box with nothing in it. I've been trying it today and instead of a grey-filled box, the map box is now white and the usual message "Loading" appears in a yellow box. However this "Loading" box remains on screen indefinitely and the white box never loads.

I've looked online to find an answer, the closest I've found were a couple of posts mentioning the grey-box when trying to implement Google Maps, but I haven't been able to find a solution. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help point me in the direction of the reason this problem is occuring.

EDIT: here's the URL I'm using for Bing Maps:

="" & [sAddress]

where sAddress is a textbox on the form where the address comes from

EDIT 2: here's a screenshot of what's happening on my screen if it helps:

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The new web browser control works like any other bound control. Text box, or combo box or whatever. (So a valid expression for a text box is ="abc", but not abc or "abc".)

Your expression I think required the "www" part. The following expression works for me:

="" & [Address]

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