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Describe the main features of TIBCO Spotfire 6.5?

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1. Faster, Easier Use of Data
2. Create Spotfire applications that interact directly with complex big data sources while hiding the complexity from end users
3. Access huge volumes of information quickly and easily
4. Create complex applications faster and leverage existing database skill sets
5. Richer Location Analytics
6. Visualize sophisticated location source data directly in Spotfire
7. Get access to existing Esri and WMS data sources for richer data visualization
8. Bring GIS and data analysis strategies together seamlesslyNewSpotfire Desktop
9. The most complete desktop analytics authoring for Excel users, business analysts, R- knowledgeable analysts, and data scientists
10. Full Spotfire desktop authoring for a single user
11. Connect to the wide array of Spotfire direct connect data sources

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