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Is it better to pay back debts or save money first?

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Many financial experts agree that paying down your debts should be priority number one, because it saves you interest, which is ultimately the same thing as saving money. It will also boost your credit score, unlocking better interest rates for you. However, for some of us, credit usage is an ongoing thing and if we wait until all of our debts are paid off before we start saving, we will never have any savings. A suggestion is to save an emergency fund right off the bat, so if the unforeseen happens, you’re going to get through it. Next, figure out what the right mix of paying down my debts and putting money aside is, according to my own personal situation. If you have relatively small credit card balances but a huge student loan, perhaps only save a little bit each month, opting instead to pour your money into getting rid of your student loan. Once that’s done, you can save all the money you were using to pay off your student loan, all the while ensuring you’re making your regular payments on your credit card debt. Again, though, this is another question that is going to require assessment of your individual situation to answer. What is best for you?

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