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Differentiate Between Agile and Scrum.

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Differentiate Between Agile and Scrum.

The difference between Agile and Scrum is a very fundamental and common Agile Scrum interview question asked in an interview.



It is a set of principles that’s iterative and incremental in nature

It is an implementation of the Agile methodology

It is suited for projects involving a small team of experts

It is used in teams that need to handle constant changing requirements

The project head takes care of all tasks and is vital to the project

There is no leader. Issues are handled by the scrum master and the team

Changes cannot be handled frequently

Teams can react to changes quickly

It requires frequent delivery to the end-user

Sprints provide workable builds of the final product to the user for feedback

There are face-to-face interactions between cross-functional teams

There are daily stand-up meetings help with collaboration

Design and execution is simple

Design and execution can be innovative and experimental