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What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce? Can we mass delete reports in Salesforce?

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Salesforce Report Types
1. Tabular reports    Simple Excel type tables which provide a list of items with the grand total
2. Summary reports    Similar to Tabular reports, but also have functionality of grouping rows, viewing subtotals & creating charts
3. Matrix reports    Two-dimensional reports which allow you to group records both by row and column
4. Joined reports    Multiple blocks showing data from different reports based on same or different report types
Another important point to note here is that, only Summary reports and Matrix reports can be fed as data source for dashboards. Tabular and Joined reports cannot be used as data source for dashboards.

Can we mass delete reports in Salesforce? Of Course we can mass delete reports in Salesforce. The option to mass delete reports can be found under Data Management in Setup.

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