What are Governor Limits in Salesforce?

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What are Governor Limits in Salesforce?

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In Salesforce, it is the Governor Limits which controls how much data or how many records you can store in the shared databases. Why? Because Salesforce is based on the concept of multi-tenant architecture. In simpler words, Salesforce uses a single database to store the data of multiple clients/ customers. The below image will help you relate to this concept.

multi tenant architecture - salesforce interview questions

To make sure no single client monopolizes the shared resources, Salesforce introduced the concept of Governor Limits which is strictly enforced by the Apex run-time engine.

Governor Limits are a Salesforce developer’s biggest challenge. That is because if the Apex code ever exceeds the limit, the expected governor issues a run-time exception that cannot be handled. Hence as a Salesforce developer, you have to be very careful while developing your application.

Different Governor Limits in Salesforce are:

Per-Transaction Apex Limits

Force.com Platform Apex Limits

Static Apex Limits

Size-Specific Apex Limits

Miscellaneous Apex Limits

Email Limits

Push Notification Limits

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