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A card is drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards. Find  the probability that the card drawn is; (i) a black king (ii) either a black card or a king (iii) black and a king (iv) a jack, queen or a king (v) neither a hear nor king (vi) spade or an ace (vii) neither an ace nor a king (viii) a diamond card (ix) not a diamond card (x) a black card (xi) not an ace (xii) not a black card.

Select the correct answer from above options

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1.)Probability(a black king)=`2/52`

2.)Probability(either a black card or a king)=`28/52`

3.)Probability( black and a king )=`2/52`

4.)Probability(a jack, queen or a king)=``

5.)Probability(neither a heart nor king)=`36/52`

6.)Probability( spade or an ace)=`16/52`

7.)Probability(neither an ace nor a king)=`44/52`

8.)Probability(a diamond card)=`13/52`

9.)Probability(not a diamond card)=`39/52`

10.)Probability(a black card )=`26/52`

11.)Probability(not an ace)=`48/52`

12.)Probability( not a black card)=`26/52`

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