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The ******* or newbie in the field of hacking who don’t have many skills about coding and in-depth working of security and hacking tools are called ________

(a) Sponsored Hackers

(b) Hactivists

(c) Script Kiddies

(d) Whistle Blowers

The question was asked during a job interview.

Enquiry is from Ethical Hacking topic in section Introduction to Ethical Hacking of Cyber Security

Select the correct answer from above options

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Right option is (c) Script Kiddies

To elaborate: Script Kiddies are new to hacking and at the same time do not have many interests in developing coding skills or find bugs of their own in systems; rather they prefer downloading of available tools (developed by elite hackers) and use them to break any system or network. They just try to gain attention of their friend circles.

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