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What are the behavioral characteristics of web services?

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What are the behavioral characteristics of web services?

Web services have the following special behavioral characteristics −

XML-Based − Web Services uses XML at data representation and data transportation layers.

Loosely Coupled − A consumer of a web service is not tied to that web service directly.

Coarse-Grained − Businesses and the interfaces that they expose should be coarse-grained. Web services technology provides a natural way of defining coarse-grained services that access the right amount of business logic.

Ability to be Synchronous or Asynchronous − Asynchronous clients retrieve their result at a later point in time, while synchronous clients receive their result when the service has completed. Asynchronous capability is a key factor in enabling loosely coupled systems.

Supports Remote Procedure Calls(RPCs) − A web service supports RPC by providing services of its own, equivalent to those of a traditional component, or by translating incoming invocations into an invocation of an EJB or a .NET component.

Supports Document Exchange − Web services support the transparent exchange of documents to facilitate business integration.

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