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What are the best practices to create a standard URI for a web service?

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Following are important points to be considered while designing a URI −

  • Use Plural Noun − Use plural noun to define resources. For example, we've used users to identify users as a resource.

  • Avoid using spaces − Use underscore(_) or hyphen(-) when using a long resource name, for example, use authorized_users instead of authorized%20users.

  • Use lowercase letters − Although URI is case-insensitive, it is good practice to keep url in lower case letters only.

  • Maintain Backward Compatibility − As Web Service is a public service, a URI once made public should always be available. In case, URI gets updated, redirect the older URI to new URI using HTTP Status code, 300.

  • Use HTTP Verb − Always use HTTP Verb like GET, PUT, and DELETE to do the operations on the resource. It is not good to use operations names in URI.