What is git stash drop?

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 What is git stash drop?

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Git ‘stash drop’ command is used to remove the stashed item. It will remove the last added stash item by default, and it can also remove a specific item if you include it as an argument.

Now give an example.

If you want to remove a particular stash item from the list of stashed items you can use the below commands:

git stash list: It will display the list of stashed items like:
[email protected]{0}: WIP on master: 049d078 added the index file
[email protected]{1}: WIP on master: c264051 Revert “added file_size”
[email protected]{2}: WIP on master: 21d80a5 added number to log

If you want to remove an item named [email protected]{0} use command git stash drop [email protected]{0}.
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