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Categorize dimensions in Tableau?

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Dimensions are divided into 9 various categories

Slowly ever-changing Dimension: Value of the dimension changes over an amount of time for slowly ever-changing dimensions.

Example – student of worker

Chop-chop ever-changing Dimension: Value in the dimension is rapidly changing for chop-chop ever-changing dimensions.

Example – Age (It changes every second)

Unchanged Dimension: Values are constant for unchanged dimension.

Example – Traffic Signals

Shrunken Dimension: Set of 1 dimension is termed as Shrunken Dimension.

Example – A week is Shrunken dimension for the month

Junk Dimension: Junk values or unrelated dimensions are termed as Junk Dimension.

Conformed Dimension: If any dimension is provided by various business areas, then such a dimension is termed as Conformed Dimension.

Degenerated Dimension: Degenerated dimensions have primary keys only without any matter info.

Role enjoying Dimension: If one dimension is employed in multiple roles, then they are termed as Role enjoying Dimensions. 

Example – Date for e-commerce site order (Date of Order, Date of Shipment, Date of delivery)

Inferred Dimension: Empty dimensions are called inferred dimensions. They are usually used in ETL.

Example – Customer email which he may not enter while submitting any form will be filled as null.