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Explain how many types of filters are available in Tableau? 

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Filters are used to provide the correct information to viewers after removing unnecessary data. There are various types of filters available in Tableau.

Extract Filters – Extract filters are used to apply filter on extracted data from the data source. For this filter, data is extracted from the data source and placed into the Tableau data repository.

Datasource Filters – Datasource filters are the same as extract filters. They also work on the extracted dataset. But, the only difference is it works with both live and extract connection.

Context Filters – Context Filters are applied on the data rows before any other filters. They are limited to views, but they can be applied on selected sheets. They define Aggregation and Disaggregation of data in Tableau

Dimension Filters – Dimension filters are used to apply filters on dimensions in worksheets. Dimension filters are applied through the top or bottom conditions, formula and wildcard match.

Measure Filters – Measure filters are applied to the values present in the measures. 

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