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Which of the following expression is true in case of open circuit parameters?

(a) V1 = Z11 V1 + Z12 I2

(b) V1 = Z11I1 + Z12 V2

(c) V1 = Z11I1 + Z12 I2

(d) V2 = Z11I1 + Z12 I2

This question was posed to me in an interview.

My question is taken from Open Circuit Impedence(Z) Parameters topic in section Two-Port Networks of Network Theory

Select the correct answer from above options

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Correct option is (c) V1 = Z11I1 + Z12 I2

To explain: The expression relating the open circuit parameters Z11, Z12 and  currents I1, I2 and voltage V1 is V1 = Z11I1 + Z12 I2.