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What are the Advantages of Using Tableau?

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Advantages of Using Tableau

  • Fantastic Visualizations

You can now work with a lot of data that doesn’t have any order to it and create a range of visualizations. Well, thanks to the in-built features of Tableau which help you create visualizations that surely stand out of the crowd. You also have the option of switching between different visualizations to bring about a greater context, ways of drilling down data, and exploring the data at a minute level.

  • In-depth Insights

Tableau can help enterprises futuristically to analyze data without any specific goals in mind. You can explore visualizations and have a look at the same data from different angles. You can frame ‘what if’ queries and work with data by hypothetically visualizing it in a different manner and dynamically adding components for comparison and analysis. When you are working with real-time data, then these capabilities are highlighted in a huge manner.

  • User-friendly Approach

This is the greatest strength of Tableau. It is built from the ground level for people who don’t have any technical skills or coding experience. So, everything can be done with this tool by anybody without any prior set of skills. Since most of the features are in a drag-and-drop format, each visualization is so intuitive and self-depicting.

  • Working with Disparate Data Sources

Tableau has a powerful reason to be included by various organizations in today’s data-driven world where data can come from any point and any disparate sources. Tableau has an edge over other Business Intelligence and Analytics tools as it lets you work by connecting to various data sources, data warehouses, and files which exist in the cloud, big data that exists in spreadsheets, and non-relational data, among other types of data. Tableau effortlessly blends all different types of data to help organizations come up with compelling visualizations.

  • Adding Datasets

Be it a database or an Excel workbook, with Tableau one can easily add new datasets which get automatically blended with Tableau using common fields.

  • Switching Between Visualizations

You also have the option of switching between different visualizations to bring about a greater context, with ways of drilling down data and exploring it at a minute level.

Tableau is one of the top Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools available today. It is being used by most of the Fortune Global 500 list of companies in order to derive valuable insights from their data.

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