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What is difference between Excel Vs. Tableau?

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Excel Vs. Tableau

Excel and Tableau, both are data analysis tools, but both of them have a unique approach toward data exploration. Where Excel works with columns and rows in spreadsheets, Tableau explores the Excel data using its drag-and-drop feature. It formats the data in graphs and pictures that are easy to understand.

TableauMS Excel
Tableau is basically a data visualization tool which provides pictorial and graphical representations of data.Excel is basically a spreadsheet for working with data in rows and columns. You need to first represent your data into a tabular format and then you can apply visualizations on top of it.
In Tableau, you can gain insights that you never thought possible. You can play with interactive visualizations, deploy data drilling tools, and explore various data that is available, and you don’t need to have any specific knowledge of the insight you are looking for.When it comes to Excel, you need to have a prior knowledge of the insight that you want and then work with various formulae in order to get there, along with that tabulation is also needed.
With Tableau, it is all about an easy and interactive approach.In Excel, you need to have some programming in order to come up with real-time data visualization.