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This product allows one to code and modify the reports. Starting from creating reports and charts to combining them to form a dashboard, all this work is done in Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Desktop is classified into the following according to connectivity and data sources:

  • Tableau Desktop Personal

The development features of Tableau Desktop Personal version are close enough to that of the Tableau Desktop. In this particular version, the workbook is in the private mode and the access is limited. That means, these workbooks can’t be posted and are for personal use only. Therefore, they have to be divided either on Tableau Public or Offline.

  • Tableau Desktop Professional

This version is very much alike to Tableau Desktop, only that the work generated or created in Tableau Desktop is published on the Tableau Server. In this version, there would be full access to all sorts of data types. It is great for people who wish to publish their work on the Tableau Server.

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