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How many ways we can achieve DevSecOps?

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The 3 Ways of DevSecOps

The 3 Ways of DevSecOps

Just like the 3 ways of DevOps, we have the 3 ways of DevSecOps

The 3 way of DevSecOps

The first way emphasizes on the flow and understanding in the manufacturing sense.

  • From the initial planning stage until the product/service is delivered to the customer, security needs to be a fundamental part of the process.

Hence, the first way of DevSecOps emphasizes on building sound relationship between the development and security teams while encouraging mutual accountability.

The 3 Ways of DevSecOps

The second way is about amplifying feedback loops.

  • Encourages the move from reactive to proactive

The third way of DevSecOps encourages creativity and experimentation

The ultimate objective is to understand what is being done and the outcome that is expected and then learn from those as you grow.