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Rugged is a software development methodology that characterizes security as a primary consideration throughout the processes of development and delivery of software.

DevSecOps and Rugged DevOps are both vital in an environment where the software development process is expected to be highly efficient and fast paced whereas the security models simply can't keep up.

  • DevSecOps adds robust security practices and strategies to traditional DevOps practices.

  • Rugged DevOps emphasizes increased trust, transparency, and a clearer understanding of probable risks.

The Seven Habit of Rugged DevOps
  1. Increase trust and transparency between dev, sec, and ops

  2. Understand the probability and impact of specific risks.

  3. Discard detailed security road maps in favor of incremental improvements.

  4. Use the continuous delivery pipeline to incrementally improve security practices.

  5. Standardize third-party software and then keep current.

  6. Govern with automated audit trails.

  7. Test preparedness with security games.

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