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Which phase of DevSecOps emphasizes reliability, performance, and scaling? 1. Operations 2. Development 3. Security

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Correct Answer is Security

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Test Phase of DevSecOps focus on these factors like Reliability, Performance and Scaling out of all the nine phases; Plan, develop, build, test, release, deliver, deploy, operate, and monitor.

Searching for a good course on DevOps to learn and get certified? Then check out madanswer DevOps certification course. DevSecOps works in a similar fashion to DevOps that is dividing the work into smaller manageable parts and integrating the development process with the operations part and taking care of this integration from the ground up.

DevSecOps integrates Security into this process, that is it takes care of the security aspect at every part and ensures smooth delivery of codes between the teams for faster and efficient delivery of the software.

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