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What is mean by Test Driven Development (TDD)?

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TDD is an abbreviation that stands for Test-Driven Development. This is a development practice in which the test cases are created first, followed by the code that underpins the test cases. TDD may also be used to construct automation testing. TDD takes longer to develop due to the fact that it finds fewer flaws. The TDD development practice has increased the quality of code, which is more reusable and flexible as a result. TDD also aids developers in achieving high test coverage, ranging from 90% to 100%. The sole disadvantage of TDD for developers is that they must build test cases before producing code.

The following is a list of the TDD methodology's basic six-step process:

  • First, all the test cases are written. Based on your requirements, you must create an automated test case.
  • Carry out all of the tests: Carry out these automated test cases on the code that has been developed so far.
  • Modify the code for that test case: You must develop the code to make that test casework as intended if it fails throughout this step.
  • Rerun the test cases: Now you must rerun the test cases to ensure that all of the previously developed test cases have been implemented.
  • Modularize your code as follows: This is a step that can be skipped. However, refactoring your code to make it more readable and reusable is recommended. That is why it is necessary.
  • For new test scenarios, repeat steps 1–5: This is the final phase in the process. You must now repeat the process for the remaining test cases till all of them have been implemented.

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