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What is a test harness in the context of Cucumber?

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The test harness in Cucumber helps in separating the task of establishing the context and interacting with the browser from cleaning up the step definition files. It gathers the stubs, drivers, and other tools needed to enable test execution automation in testing.

The following is the purpose of the test harness:-

  • To run a set of tests either within the framework or with the help of the test harness
  • To enter data into the program being tested.
  • Debugging becomes more flexible and supported.
  • To record the outputs of the software under test
  • To keep track of the test results (pass/fail) for each test.
  • Aids developers in determining code coverage at the code level.

The advantages of the test harness are as follows:-

  • As a result of automation, productivity increases.
  • Improved software quality as a result of automation allows us to be more productive.
  • Tests can be scheduled.
  • Can handle complex conditions that testers have a hard time simulating.

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