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What are standard or common metrics for Agile? Explain.

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Agile Metrics are basically standard metrics that are used to measure the work of the team. These metrics are used to determine the quality of work, productivity, progress, team health, etc. Its main focus is on value delivered to customers and how much end-users were impacted by it. 
Standard Metrics for the Agile project 

  • Velocity: It measures the amount of work done by the development team during a sprint. It gives ideas about progress, capacity, etc. 
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram: It is a flow diagram used to measure the current status of work in progress of the team. It is simply used to track the progress of agile teams and manage flow stability. 
  • Defect Removal Awareness: It is used to measure the ability of the development team to remove defects prior to release. It helps to maintain the quality of products by a working team. 
  • Work Category Allocation: It is used to measure where we are spending or investing our time so that we can adjust our priorities. 
  • Sprint Burndown Metric: It is used to measure the total number of sprints or tasks that are completed as compared to estimated scrum tasks. It usually tracks the progress being made on tasks during a Sprint.  
  • Defect Resolution Time: It is used to measure the time taken by the team to identify and fix the defects or bugs in the software. There are several processes involved in fixing bugs. 
  • Time Coverage or Code Coverage: It is used to measure the time that is given to code during testing. It helps one to understand how much code is tested and also helps in assessing the test performance. 
  • Business Value Delivered: It is used to measure the efficiency of the working team.