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What are the different phases in DevOps?

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The various phases of the DevOps lifecycle are as follows:

1) Plan - Initially, there should be a plan for the type of application that needs to be developed. Getting a rough picture of the development process is always a good idea.

2) Code - The application is coded as per the end-user requirements.

3) Build - Build the application by integrating various codes formed in the previous steps.

4) Test - This is the most crucial step of the application development. Test the application and rebuild, if necessary.

5) Integrate - Multiple codes from different programmers are integrated into one.

6) Deploy - Code is deployed into a cloud environment for further usage. It is ensured that any new changes do not affect the functioning of a high traffic website.

7) Operate - Operations are performed on the code if required.

8) Monitor - Application performance is monitored. Changes are made to meet the end-user requirements.