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Explain the difference between Endpoint Security vs. Network Security?

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Endpoint security aims at securing enterprise endpoints, and the enterprise against various security threats.

Network security focuses on the security aspects of protecting the entire network (the whole IT infrastructure) against various security threats.

The focus:

  • Endpoint security - Securing endpoints

  • Network security - Securing the network

  • Arguments: Network Security

    Some cyber security experts argue that network security matters the most.

    Features of Network Security

    • Network security protects all inbound variables to hosts, servers and other important assets.

    • Network monitoring provides a picture of threats evolving over time, encouraging the maintenance of up-to-date situational awareness.

    • If a suspicious program is found in the network, the network is inspected until a weakness is found.

    • Network security solutions can help identify attacks in progress.

    Which is Important?

    To ensure a greater degree of security, both types of security are important.

    Ideally, it would be better to start from securing the endpoints and building out.

    Bloor Research suggests that “By integrating network and endpoint security, organizations are afforded greater visibility over the entire range of security threats that they face, both in real time and for historical analysis. Security events seen on hosts and endpoints can be fed back into network security controls, allowing more accurate decisions to be taken and more proactive protection applied across all resources based on the context of the threat seen.”