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Explain the features of Endpoint v/s ANTI-VIRUS?

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End point Detection Discovers and reports new endpoints and vulnerabilities.Real time Scanning Automatically scans the sytem at scheduled time periods.
Anti-malware and data protection Includes core endpoint protection capabilities such as anti-malware, firewalls and DLP.Threat identification Detects different types of malware such as viruses, trojans and worms.
Reports Dashboards and reports help to monitor and control security operations.Alerts Notifies users about potentially malicious files or apps.
Incident Investigation Suggests incident response approaches and workflows for incident investigation.Web Protection Blocks harmful web pages and file downloads from the internet.
Integrations Integrates with other security apps such as SIEM, active directory, and network monitoring.File Quarantine Removes or isolates potentially malicious files and applications.
Business Functions
Protect complete networksProtect individual devices
Remotely control security operationsDetect and remove malicious files
Security solution for the entire organizationSecurity solution for individual workstations
An endpoint security solution with a wider range of features is preferred for networked systems with atleast five devices, and for managing security operations remotely.An anti-virus solution helps organizations without a network architecture in place, but prefers to protect devices against malware attacks.